Born 1985. Lives and works in Madrid, Spain.


2013/2014 Direction and Management of Artistic and Cultural Organizations Expert Course
IArt Art and Culture Business School

2011/2012 Internationalization and Foreign Trade Course
EOI Industrial Organization Business School

2010/2011 Master’s Degree in Advertising Design and Communication
ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

2003/2008 Degree in Advertising and Public Relations University of Malaga

2006/2007 Erasmus Programme
Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta (Rome, Italy)

07/2017 Visiones de ultramar, Casa Mèxic Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
06/2017 Visiones de ultramar, Espai Sala Gran (Barcelona, Spain)


08/2016 Huellas (Malaga, Spain)

01/2014 En sombra y negro (Seville, Spain)

11/2012 Earth, Water, Air, Yellow (Tel Aviv, Israel)


¡Ah! Magazine


05/17-Ongoing Freelance

02/16-04/17 Director of Communications
Materiac Agency (Madrid, Spain)

09/14-12/15 Museums Graphics Producer
Acciona Producciones y Diseño (Seville, Spain)

01/13-08/14 Communication Manager & Photographer
Francisco Garay - Silver & Fashion Jewels (Seville, Spain)

02/12-12/12 Foreign Trade Consultant
Trade & Economic Office - Embassy of Spain in Tel Aviv (Israel)
EXTENDA Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia

11/10-05/11 Creative Copywriter in EURO RSCG Barcelona (Spain)

03/09-08/09 Production & Communication Responsible
33rd American-Spanish Dance Festival of Chicago
Integrants Programme (Chicago, USA)

03/08-07/08 Production & Communication Assistant
Contemporary Art Gallery Project Gentili
Leonardo-ARGO Programme (Prato, Italy)

04/06 Production Assistant and PR of the 9º Malaga Film Festival (Spain)